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Traditional Media V's New Media

Is there a place for both when it comes to promoting your music?

Some would argue that Traditional media is still quite relevant in today's music climate and they would be right in saying so however, it would be very naive to ignore the possibilities of using digital media to promote your music. According to, #newmedia is leading the way when it comes to advertising and promotion.

Marketing Trends

Traditional media such as street posters and radio have their place when it comes to promotion but often don't gain the desired outcome. It can be quite expensive to get anything printed and distributed plus getting a spot on radio is never an easy process unless of course you have a kick-ass publicist on hand.


You might be lucky to reach 10% of 10,000 people locally via an expensive poster drop


You could potentially reach 10,000 + people locally online simply by running a Facebook Ad camapign.

It is It's really a no-brainer that #advertising online is A MUST in today's music climate and coupling it with traditional forms of promotion will even better your chance of boosting ticket sales and selling your music. However, creating successful online ads yourself that generate interest and give you a decent ROI can be quite complex and difficult to execute, particularly if you are a novice. This is where professional advertising services have the advantage as they know exactly how to create value out of a spend and let's face it, you are probably more inclined to want to focus on your #music than have to spend countless hours trying to figure out the complexities of online advertising.

Not sure where to start with advertising online?

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